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  • SLAS Membership Application Forms In September Gazette



    Some members have been puzzled on receiving SLAS membership application forms with the September Gazette. Some existing members have even re--applied to join SLAS. However, when you read the edition, you notice that it contains also an application form for admission to the SLAS TCPD programme in January 2019. The SLAS membership application form is intended for completion along with the TCPD application and can be safely be ignored by existing members. At the same time, of course, existing members can always make the application form available to those colleagues who are not yet members of SLAS. Indeed, the application form might be multiplied many times over for that purpose.


  • Beautiful Girl or Old Hag?


    What has a beautiful girl or an old hag got to do with the regulation of the solictors’ profession.


    What has a beautiful girl or an old hag got to do with the regulation of the solicitors' profession. Probably about as much as most members of the that profession. See the September edition of the Scottish Law Gazette which will definitely not provide an answer to this conundrum.



  • Consumer Property Group of SLAS

    A Consumer Property Group has been formed by the Scottish Law Agents Society to look at particular issues where the interest of consumers and solicitors are aligned and action required to improve the situation of both in relation to Property in Scotland.


    There is wide perceived discontent of the legal practitioners with the operation of parts of the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012 and the way it can adversely affect consumers and users.

    Particular Areas of Concern

    1) Gaps are appearing in the Land Register where ownership is likely to never be known. There is no effective mechanism to sort out these gaps for the future. Why? There has been an effective abolition of the benefits obtained by use of a non domino Dispositions. The procedures under Section 43 of the 2012 Act are far too long and are capable of frustration at the last minute because of burdensome intimation procedures and possible late challenge of these. This is not an

  • Minutes for the Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Law Agents Society 2018

    Minutes for The Annual General Meeting of the Scottish  Law Agents Society 2018

     5:30pm on 21st June 2018  at the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.


    1.         Sederunt and apologies:-


                A Sederunt was taken of the members present and a quorum was confirmed..


    Apologies were received from Rod Maclean, Ken Swinton, Ian McLeod, James Hotchkiss,


    2.         Minutes of AGM 2017 had been published in the Gazette of June/July 2017 and were unanimously approved by acclamation with no contrary voices.


    3.         The Society’s Accounts as previously approved by the office bearers were presented to the meeting and duly noted and meeting confirmed the appointment of Messrs Geoghegans of Edinburgh as independent examiners. The President, Fiona Dalton went on to present the annual report to 31st December 2017 as

  • More Bureaucratic Oppression

    AML Registration at Law.Soc.

    It was easy enough, after a few days of interrupting our usual hectic business schedule, to obtain Disclosure Scotland documents for each of the partners in this firm. However, getting together over the Law Society Registration process took another few days and then pinned us down for longer than we anticipated. Eventually, however, we got the job done and, hopefully, that is the name of our firm removed from the “Current Outstanding List” currently held by the Law Society.

    My recommendation to all members is to get the job done, just as quickly as possible. We should then re-group at a later date to find out whether anything can be done about the current storm of bureaucratic oppression which threatens to destroy our business viability.

    In order to take on this process you should click on this link


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