Welfare Issues

Welfare Legal AdviceIn addition to Family Law and Accidents, we also offer open advice on a number of other civil matters, including:

Debt Advice

If you are struggling to manage outstanding debts, we can help to either reschedule debts or
prepare and submit an application for sequestration.  We can also help if you have received court papers on an outstanding debt, or receive repeated phone calls from a debt collection agency.


We can take instructions and raise interdict actions at very short notice.  You may require protection from an abusive spouse, or help in dealing with threatening messages or telephone calls from an ex-partner.  We can advise on all possible options including warning letters, raising a court action, seeking orders of interdict, power of arrest or non-harassment.


We can help if you have fallen behind in your rent or are facing allegations of anti- social behaviour brought by your neighbours or landlord.  You may have received service of court papers seeking to evict you from your property.  Whatever the situation, we will work to either reach a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, to oppose any action brought before the court seeking your eviction.

Benefit Appeals

Although we cannot these in person, we can certainly assist your preparation to improve your chances of a successful appeal. We can provide advice and link up with welfare rights officers who can attend appeals with you. We can obtain reports to assist you from your G.P., hospital doctor or other professional involved in your care and treatment.

Legal problems come in many different forms and this list covers only a few.  Whatever legal difficulty you may face, contact us immediately.

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